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Willow Creative House is an Integrated Creative and Marketing group based in Manila and Singapore.

We are your partners in bringing your brand ideas to life — from digital campaigns, content production to full-blown brand identity development. There’s no such thing as too big or too small projects, start-up or heritage brands — we’ll be glad to work with you.

Oh, we are more than happy to recommend other teams from our network if we don’t cover the right solutions for you.

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Meet the Team

Valerie Harley

Founder, Creative Director and Producer

Guided by the philosophy “Brands first, people always.”, Valerie leads Willow Creatives into producing quality solutions through design and creativity. She also enjoys diving into different learning opportunities around food, development, tech and education. However, she makes a funny face whenever she receives compliments.

Vianca C.

Art Director
and Producer

Vianca is the living proof of something small but terrible! Standing tall at 150cm, she can command any room as though she’s a towering 182cm basketball player. She is a multimedia artist who has always been eager for the endless possibilities ahead of her. Currently, she is working her ass off towards what they call financial freedom by trading.

Franco B.

Writer and Producer

Franco just can’t not be involved. He is an all-around creative go-getter who breaks the ice over cups of coffee and the freshest broken humor of the hour. While dreaming to make films someday, he currently makes sense of life by making you doubt why your life isn’t in a spreadsheet tracker yet.

Cola N.

Communications and Digital Management Lead

Don’t let Cola’s initial calmness deceive you. Her mind works a hundred ways. She is a multi-hyphenated girl who has elevated multiple brands across luxury and casual, global and local. Ultimately, she’s passionate about the depths of life and also the number of tequila shots she can make you drink.

Mikki C.

Line Producer
and Food Stylist

Mikki is a Freelance Multimedia Creative who shines most in work that allows her to be hands-on with her job; most notably, Commercial Food Styling and Mock-up Artistry. Being immersed in the Advertising Production industry for almost a decade has made Mikki a determined, resourceful, and diplomatic creative producer. Just be sure not to distract her too much with angry Chihuahua videos!

Kenneth A.

Art Director
for Digital

Kenneth likes to create things — graphics, photos, and videos (okay, not videos). He used to be full of life before his previous agency work drained it out of him. He is currently working for independent brands in the hopes of achieving the so-called “work-life balance” everyone’s been talking about. He’s good at role-playing, and a master in memeology. Additionally, we’re pushing him to pursue a career on TikTok.

Edward S.


Edward discovered his artistic talents at an early age but pursued financial engineering and project management. Yet, he still finds himself drawn into illustrations and excels in both traditional and digital mediums. He enjoys working with Willow as he is immersed in the industry; to learn and hone his creative skills. P.S. He’s single, and he has an Aussie accent. Will do as told 10/10. 

Victor D.R.

Production Manager

After nearly a decade in their family business, I.T. consultancy services, and different passion pursuits (including managing a local football club!), Vic is now expanding in managing production projects with Willow Creative House. He believes he is well equipped to take on new challenges with his optimistic and “Never Say Die” mindset. He recently discovered his passion for fitness that he works out every 7 o’clock in the morning. Respect! 

Moe T.

Brand Designer

F&B Creative Executive by day, multi-faceted visual designer at night (but only when she’s not too tired). Moe is a self-proclaimed nerd-slash-artist, who has a penchant for all things pretty and sensible; branding marries her love for form and function, and satiates her need to create something from nothing. She would love to work on beauty brands, but unfortunately, her Feng Shui doesn’t allow her to.

Andrai A.

Lead Video Editor

Andrai is a video editor and a traditional painter for over 10 years. He works on a few graphic design projects here and there. A frustrated musician and a terrible cook (he can’t even cook). A proud homebody, he one day dreams of living in a bunker.

Milo B.B.

Executive Pet

Milo is the LOML and the sole owner of Valerie’s heart. He gets all the attention because he knows that he is a handsome Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Milo enjoys the beach, catching waves, and feelings for the aspin, Shaka. 

Erika M.

Make up Artist

Erika is a professional makeup artist with her portfolio boasting works for local and global brands. Her contagious laugh and bubbly personality fill the room of every production shoot she’s part of. 

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We are firm believers that there is no “one size fits all” strategy. Our solutions are tailor-fit to your projects and needs.

We are honest, practical, and creative with what we deliver.

Digital campaign strategy and production

Brand identity development

Video production

Social media managament

Photography styling
and production

Website design and development

Let's grow together.

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